Our Services

A range of disciplines

We’ve undertaken numerous projects over the last twenty years across the UK, overcoming many challenges along the way and building up our strong expertise. Moortown recognise that a highly experienced team and their commitment is what gives us the edge in providing a professional and quality led service to our clients. We have been fortunate enough to have been able to deliver a variety of successful projects from the early stages through to their completion, using carefully planned methods and processes.

Civil engineering

Our civil engineering expertise is regarded very highly by our clients, and we are pleased to demonstrate are capabilities through a range of projects. The projects below explain in further detail the works packages carried out, including but not limited to: major foundations, roads, sewers, sewer overflows, main drainage, box culverts and pumping stations.


Our construction proficiency has been recognised in the industry and evidenced in the selection of projects carried over the years. Further detail is explained below in the works packages carried out. This includes: bulk excavation, groundworks, foundations, ground beams, pile caps, retaining walls, basements, reinforced concrete substructures / superstructures, specialist tanking, complex formwork installations, refurbishment / external works and hard landscaping.


Our housing aptitude is proven through a variety of small and large projects. As seen below, further detail is specified in the works packages carried out. This includes: bulk excavation, ground remediation, roads, sewers, plot drainage / foundations, ground floor slabs, substructures, retaining walls, specialist tanking installation, external works and hard landscaping.