Supporting our sites

Supporting our sites

Yesterday, we asked many of our site workers to down tools for half an hour, have a brew and a bun whilst listening to an open conversation on Mental Health. We invited Speedy Services and Lighthouse Construction Charity to visit our Aire Park site in the centre of Leeds, seizing a great opportunity to spread the word of what they do and how it has helped many others.

This fantastic collaboration demonstrated buckets of courage and guts to talk so openly about Mental Health in the construction industry. Topics covered included a personal struggle story, imposter syndrome, denial, breaking point, colleague support and starting the road to recovery.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that provides emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families. They receive no public funding and rely on the generosity of those within in the industry to help them continue their vital work. Without a doubt, services like this do make a huge difference, even the sceptics in the room could see that. Rob’s personal story related it back to the wider stigmas and suicide rates that are on the increase in construction. You can find out more here.

Rob, also runs a podcast called ‘Mind Your Head’ which was set up to talk about lots of Mental Health issues across the industry from all kinds of different people. You can listen here.

Big thanks to Claire Bailey, Robert Muldoon and Kryss Tominay for your time, we hope to get you back on another of our sites soon!