Principal Contractor for Aire Park, the former Tetley’s site

Principal Contractor for Aire Park, the former Tetley’s site

We are delighted to share that Moortown Group have recently been appointed Principal Contractor for the Aire Park Project in Leeds City Centre, on the former Tetley Brewery site. 

Close cooperation with the client and the principal designer, will continue to play an important role in influencing how the risks to health and safety are managed during the construction work. This is something that Moortown Group prioritises with the highest importance, by ensuring standards are understood and followed. 

About the project

Working in close consultation with Leeds City Council’s Planning Department and other stakeholders, Vastint plans to redevelop the site to create a vibrant, well connected and sustainable mixed use neighbourhood. 

The design proposes a vibrant development in the centre of the South Bank with a generously-sized urban park at its heart. The aim of the scheme is to support the expansion of the city core, providing a vital link connecting the city centre with the Tetley and its creative neighbours, through to the education district and the communities to the south. 

Planning permission for the first phase of Aire Park was granted in December 2018. The first phase is 6.6 hectares and sits between Crown Point Road to the south, Waterloo Street to the north, Meadow Lane to the east with the Tetley building at its centre.