Careers Talk for Primary School

Careers Talk for Primary School

It’s Careers Week at Tranmoor Primary School in Doncaster and we were kindly invited to deliver a presentation to all of their Key Stage 2 group.

Big thanks to our guest speakers Kev Baker and Tanisha Wyatt, who walked the children through an engaging and insightful presentation on working in the construction industry.

As well as talking about groundworks and reinforced concrete, further conversations were had around many more roles available over the duration of a building project.

Myth buster topics included:

  • Construction is NOT just for men…
  • Construction is NOT just building houses…
  • Construction is NOT an outdated job
  • Construction is NOT unskilled and anyone can do it…
  • You need to be big and strong to work in construction…

After a Q&A session, various PPE was given to willing volunteers to wear, along with guessing day-to-day tasks from photos and naming various kinds of plant equipment.

Andrew Mynett, Year 6 and Assistant Headteacher commented:

Thank you so very much for all of the time and effort that you put into delivering such a fantastic presentation. There was a real buzz among the children and staff about the business and the opportunities that are available in the industry. Also, a thank you for all of the lovely gifts and prizes, which the children definitely responded positively to. A huge credit to the company for doing this – it really does make a difference and I hope that in the room today there will be some quantity surveyors and project managers of the future.

It was a joy to attend and we hope the the children felt encouraged and open minded about any previous perceptions regarding what a person looks like or speaks like, highlighting that anyone can aspire to be any kind of professional. Such a warm welcome from the staff and children.